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The Ent Activist: Why “The Lord of the Rings” Became a Counterculture Icon

May 23rd, 2017|0 Comments

J.R.R. Tolkien's early childhood experiences and global events during his lifetime played major roles in the creation of "The Lord of the Rings." Learn more about how the book became a symbol of the counterculture movement, especially with regards to the environment, of the '60s and '70s.Read More

Forest Digest — Week of May 15, 2017

Climate change seems to be affecting everything and everyone— from songbirds to wildflowers. Read to learn why trees seem to be packing up and moving west, and find out which country is lagging behind in reforestation efforts. Read More

6 Environmental Holidays That Aren’t Earth Day

May 18th, 2017|0 Comments

Who says environmentalism should be limited to one day a year? Earth Day has come and gone, but don’t give up on living green just yet. Just in time for National Endangered Species Day, we’re highlighting six environmental holidays that we’d argue deserve a little more recognition. Read More

Restoring the Patoka River

May 17th, 2017|Tags: , |0 Comments

The Patoka River National Wildlife Refuge is an important habitat for many endangered species, from migratory birds to marbled salamanders. Together with the Alcoa Foundation and the Friends of the Refuge, we are restoring this habitat to its natural splendor.Read More

Why I’m Here: A Contract With Nature

May 16th, 2017|Tags: |0 Comments

For Allie, our newest communications intern, what began as childhood curiosity has now blossomed into a full-blown love and respect for the environment. From the Grand Canyon to the Badlands of South Dakota, learn what brought her to American Forests and what she’s bringing to the team.Read More
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