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Forest Digest — Week of August 22, 2016

Find out the latest in forest news in this week’s Forest Digest! Report: EU Policies Put Biodiversity, U.S. Forests at Risk — NRDC Some of North America’s most biodiverse ecosystems are being threatened by Europe’s demand for wood pellets. Due to a policy loophole that designates biomass as a carbon neutral energy source, the southeastern United […]

Why I’m Here: The Story of The Senator

By Jessie Goodkind, American Forests Greetings from American Forests’ newest policy intern! Following in the footsteps of a previous intern, I want to tell you a story to help explain a motivator in my pursuit of a position protecting America’s natural bounties. My story begins 3,500 years ago, when a bald cypress sprout first made […]

Tree-SMART Trade: Combating Invasive Species

By Megan Feeney, American Forests Tree-SMART Trade is a series of policy initiatives that are currently being developed in order to combat the perilous effects of invasive species on native trees. These suggestions have originated from the work of a group of scientists within the field of forestry in an attempt to address threats to […]

Forest Digest — Week of August 15, 2016

Find out the latest in forest news in this week’s Forest Digest! Homeowners value property value boost brought about by city trees — Science Daily The planting of public trees near residential areas will likely result in increased property value, but a new study now quantifies that residents are willing to pay $7 on average […]

American ReLeaf Highlight: Restoring Riverside Habitat at Skagit Wild and Scenic River, Wash.

By Lindsay Seventko, Communications Intern The Skagit Wild and Scenic River winds through dense hemlock, massive spruce and stately red cedar forests, feeding lush farmland and providing rich marshland habitat all the way from the North Cascade Mountains to the Puget Sound. All five native species of Pacific salmon push up the clear waters to […]

Forest Fossils: Exploring America’s Petrified Forests

By Lindsay Seventko, American Forests When thinking about our forests, thoughts of rich earth, lush foliage and intriguing wildlife typically come to mind. But, any true forest lover should, at least once, visit a forest that isn’t alive at all — America’s beautiful petrified forests. These preserved antiquities offer fascinating insights into the makeup of […]

Forest Digest — Week of August 8, 2016

Find out the latest in forest news in this week’s Forest Digest! India’s forests are worth $1.7 trillion, more than the GDP of Russia or Canada — India evaluated the net present value of its forest land in order to compare it to the benefits of converting forests into other uses. The massive valuation of […]

7 Ways to Explore Forests beyond a Walk in the Woods

By Lindsay Seventko, American Forests America’s forests are popular destinations for hikers, joggers and outdoor enthusiasts to get outside and enjoy nature’s beauty. If your standard forest expedition of choice is getting boring, take a walk on the wild side and use one of these ways to explore forests from a completely different perspective. 1. On […]

Forests and the 2016 Olympic Games

By Lindsay Seventko, Communications Intern With the 2016 Summer Olympic Games now in full swing, some horrific environmental problems plaguing Rio de Janeiro and the rest of Brazil have been brought to light. Aquatic athletes are swimming through raw sewage and being exposed to antibiotic-resistant super bacteria, competitors and visitors risk being exposed to Zika-carrying […]

Forest Digest — Week of August 1, 2016

Find out the latest in forest news in this week’s Forest Digest! Earlier snowmelt decreases streamflow, reduces forests’ ability to regulate atmospheric carbon dioxide — According to a recently published study, drought- and climate-variability-induced early snowmelt each spring could potentially result in a reduction of forest carbon by as much as 45 percent by […]