American Forests works to spread the word about the many benefits that forests provide for the health and well-being of the entire planet. With a greater understanding of what forests do for us all, we can encourage greater support to protect and restore these valuable resources.

A greater variety of life makes a forest better able to withstand and recover from disease, harmful infestations, wildfires, and other threats.

Clean Air & Water
Forests supply most of the freshwater flow in the US, and clean our atmosphere by intercepting airborne particles, carbon dioxide, and other greenhouse gases.

Medicine & Health
Trees not only create a healthier environment, they also provide a wide variety of medicines.

Social Benefits
Greener urban areas encourage more healthy social interaction between adults and children. They’ve also been a proven deterrent to graffiti, property crime, and even violent crime.

Forests are a big part of why Americans love to get outdoors. They provide places for hikers, bicyclists, fishermen, hunters, and families of all ages to play and exercise.

Forests and climate are directly linked, both on the local and global scale. Healthy forests contribute to regular weather patterns, and help to combat the drastic changes that come from global climate change.

Help Us Restore and Protect Forests.