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Giving a monthly gift to American Forests helps us deepen our work in cities and wildland forests across the country. With each recurring donation, we will put your gift to use immediately, and plan for future forest restoration projects, knowing that we can count on your continued support. You can feel great knowing that every month you are helping to restore forest ecosystems, and that you can cancel or change your monthly donation amount at anytime. Become a monthly giver today and ensure a greener tomorrow - for people, for wildlife, for the planet.

If you would like to make a one-time gift to American Forests, visit our Donate Now page.


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As a recurring contributor, I would like to sign up for a paperless membership to American Forests. As a paperless member, I will receive all my communication from American Forests by email, including American Forests magazine. I understand that should my credit card decline, or I cancel my monthly support, I will begin receiving paper mail from American Forests.


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