Sequoia Circle

The Sequoia Circle is American Forests’ preeminent donor community, providing its members with an opportunity to have a deeper impact on our work. Sequoia Circle members have committed themselves to ensuring that the countless environmental and societal benefits that forests provide to humans and all living things are protected for the future. Through annual gifts of $1,000 or more, these forest-dedicated supporters provide critical resources that allow American Forests to continue and expand its work protecting and restoring forests.

What kinds of work does the Sequoia Circle support?

The Sequoia Circle provides funding for a wide variety of American Forests activities, including important matching funds for grants and seed money for new initiatives.

$1,000 will help us carry out projects like:

  • Purchasing 1,000 seedlings to restore four acres of rural forest and create critical wildlife habitat.
  • Securing 10 trees, six to eight feet tall, to plant along a city street to provide shade for the
  • Purchasing and hanging approximately 70 pheromone patches to help protect mountain forests against destructive insects.

$2,500 will help us carry out projects like:

  • Planting 500 trees over 2.5 acres in an endangered western forest.
  • Organizing two volunteer events to help restore wildlife habitat in a forest destroyed by wildfire.
  • Planting 10 trees to expand canopy cover in a city neighborhood and caring for them for two years.

$5,000 will help us carry out projects like:

  • Purchasing 5,000 trees to restore habitat for Clark’s nutcracker and Kirtland’s warbler.
  • Reestablishing five acres of forest in the Yellowstone and Grand Teton regions.
  • Restoring nearly an acre of city forest destroyed by storms.

$10,000 will help us carry out projects like:

  • Reestablishing 40 acres of longleaf pine, which has suffered a decline of 96 percent in the southeastern United States.
  • Reconnecting forestlands fragmented by farming to create contiguous habitat for endangered species.
  • Educating citizens about sustainable land-use practices and providing training in land stewardship.

What are the benefits of belonging to the Sequoia Circle?

  • Invitations to American Forests Events: Get a firsthand glimpse into our work by connecting with fellow Sequoia Circle members, American Forests’ board members and staff.
  • American Forests Magazine: Receive our award-winning publication, filled with informative articles and beautiful photographs featuring our nation’s forests and trees.
  • Featured Listing in the Annual Donor List: With your permission, your name will be publicly acknowledged along with other special donors whose generous support helps make our work possible.

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