Climate change is not a future threat; it’s affecting all of us here and now, oftentimes disproportionately in our cities. The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 invests in urban and community forestry and forest-climate solutions at levels that match the urgency of the moment, with never-before-seen funding for the health of our forests, our climate and our communities.

This monumental legislation will advance climate justice across America’s neighborhoods, reforest and recover our public lands, and empower our historically disadvantaged private forest landowners to embrace climate-smart practices on their landscapes. All of these forest-climate investments directly translate to more jobs, more resilient infrastructure and healthier, cooler places to call home.

The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 proposes forests as climate solutions through a whole-of-government approach — with investments through the Department of Agriculture, Department of Transportation, Department of Interior and elsewhere — getting more trees planted where they’re needed most.

With $1.5 billion for urban and community forestry, the federal government is committing to immediate climate action in our cities. Not only will these investments help prevent the deadly consequences of extreme heat, they will generate economic opportunity in the very communities that are both historically underserved and experiencing the multifold effects of climate change the hardest.

It’s a new day for forestry because of the tireless work of our lawmakers. Join us in celebrating these advancements for America and in thanking the people who made them possible.