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American Forests is working to protect
and restore wildland forests
and expand urban greenspace.

U.S Cities

Our forest conservation programs include:

American ReLeaf

American ReLeaf funds restoration tree planting in North American forests that have been damaged or degraded. From jumpstarting natural regeneration after severe wildfires in California, to replanting endangered bird habitat in the Midwest and repairing forested stream banks damaged by Hurricane Sandy in New England, our American ReLeaf efforts are making a difference.

To date, we have planted more than 40 million trees in more than 800 different projects in all 50 states and across Canada.

American ReLeaf Stories

Global ReLeaf

Global ReLeaf focuses on tree planting initiatives in projects around the world. Our work in nearly 50 countries has expanded forestland to provide clean water in India, planted mangroves to shield villages in China and the Philippines from dangerous tsunamis, and expanded habitat for endangered wildlife like Sumatran orangutans, Siberian tigers and golden lion tamarin.

So far, we have planted more than 10 million trees through our international efforts.

Global ReLeaf Stories

Community ReLeaf

Community ReLeaf works with municipal governments and community tree planting organizations to expand urban tree canopy and greenspace in our nation’s cities. The program has conducted tree canopy analyses and sponsored projects in nearly 20 urban areas so far, with new cities added annually.

Community ReLeaf Stories

Forest Policy

When American Forests started back in 1875 (as the American Forestry Association), public policy was at the center of our work. Our policy initiatives were instrumental in helping create the U.S. Forest Service, expand national forests to the east coast and pass the Civilian Conservation Corps Act. More recently, we have worked with Congress, federal agencies and local governments to establish community forestry programs, improve the way we respond to wildfires and expand greenspace in cities.