Forests for Fifty

For the first time in its 136-year history, American Forests is completing reforestation and education projects in all 50 of America’s states throughout one planting campaign: Forests for Fifty. We are planting more than five million trees with our dedicated partners around the country throughout 2011 and 2012, including at least 200,000 trees through our partnership in the Subaru “Share the Love” event.

The United Nations General Assembly declared 2011 as the International Year of Forests to raise awareness on sustainable management, conservation and sustainable development of all types of forests. American Forests has pledged to continue its public awareness efforts on the benefits of forests for the health of the planet and personal well being into 2012 with Forests for Fifty.

American Forests’ Forests for Fifty campaign focuses on increasing communities’ and people’s understanding about the vital role forests play in combating climate change, cleaning our air and water, reducing energy needs and providing habitat for wildlife. To do so, the Forests for Fifty planting projects:

  • Restore Forest Ecosystems: Every year, millions of acres are destroyed due to wildfires, droughts, hurricanes and other natural causes. Add in millions more acres destroyed due to disease and insects, and the result is suffering ecosystems across the country, endangering our drinking water, oxygen, wildlife and more.

Explore the forest ecosystems that Forests for Fifty is restoring.

  • Protect Wildlife Habitat: Some creatures can only be found in forests — and specific forests at that, such as Kirtland’s warbler, which only makes its home in the Jack pines of Michigan. Others need forests in which to rest during their migrations from one seasonal home to another. Only through the protection of their habitats can we ensure the survival of endangered wildlife species.

Uncover the habitats that Forests for Fifty is protecting.

  • Educate the Public: Protecting forests and trees isn’t a job for just one organization, government or community, but is something we can all participate in. Many of our tree planting projects work with local communities to educate residents on the benefits of their trees and how to best ensure their survival.

See which Forests for Fifty projects are working to spread the word about the vital role of forests.

  • Support Urban Forests: Strategically placed trees in cities help improve air quality through the removal of carbon and other pollutants from the air and help ease energy consumption due to their shade and cooling properties. Urban forests also help reduce stormwater runoff and diminish pollution in streams and rivers.

Discover where and how Forests for Fifty is supporting urban forests.

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