Statement on the 'Conserving and Restoring America the Beautiful' initiative

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Statement on Biden-Harris Administration’s ‘Conserving and Restoring America the Beautiful’ initiative

May 6, 2021

In response to the Biden-Harris Administration’s announcement regarding its new ‘Conserving and Restoring America the Beautiful’ initiative, American Forests President and Chief Executive Officer Jad Daley issued the following statement:

“The Biden-Harris Administration’s bold federal conservation initiative will protect and restore our natural landscapes in ways that meaningfully address climate change, protect our threatened biodiversity, enhance resilience, and promote environmental equity and access to nature in one fell swoop. America’s forests will be at the heart of these efforts and will play an outsized role in their success.

“Across the country, our forests provide the full spectrum of benefits the Administration has identified, and with strategic action through this initiative, they can do even more. Forests capture and store nearly 15 percent of our nation’s carbon dioxide emissions, and targeted conservation and reforestation investments can significantly expand on this effective climate solution. They provide clean air and water for all Americans, more than half of whom get their drinking water from forests, and are an irreplaceable home to a vast array of our nation’s fish and wildlife populations. Forests are an engine for job creation and economic growth, from responsible private stewardship to reforestation and recreation on public lands. And forest cover in our communities, including underserved urban areas, delivers vital public health, energy and climate benefits.

“The Administration’s ambitious plan to conserve and restore forests and other vital American landscapes will expand on the enormous capacity of these natural systems to advance economic growth, outdoor opportunity, climate action and social justice in America. We congratulate the Administration for setting bold targets for this initiative, and American Forests looks forward to working with our public and private-sector partners to realize these goals.”

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