New Projects Will Enhance Biodiversity and Combat Climate Change

Washington, D.C. (April 26, 2017) — American Forests and Alcoa Foundation announce a new, three-year partnership to enhance biodiversity and combat climate change in key areas across the globe.

In year one, American Forests will engage 2,500 volunteers and restore more than 140 acres in 11 locations, including cold-water streams in the Pacific Northwest, Brazil’s Amazon Forest, and riparian forests in northern Spain,

In Bellingham, Wash., American Forests will also continue its partnership with the Nooksack Salmon Enhancement Association (NSEA) to restore degraded watersheds. Over the past decade, salmon populations throughout the region have declined drastically and local stocks of Chinook salmon and steelhead have been listed as threatened under the Endangered Species Act. NSEA will create volunteer work parties to restore 10 acres of key watershed habitat that cools local streams and helps restore populations.

In Juruti, Brazil, American Forests will continue its partnership with the Vitoria Regia Institute to calculate and offset carbon emissions generated by local trains that transport mine materials from the local Alcoa facility. The institute will work with local landowners and engage volunteers to offset emissions by reforesting 50 acres of native wildlife habitat

Along the northern coast of Spain, American Forest will support Ecoherencia’s efforts to restore riparian forests in Fragas do Eume National Park, engage volunteers and provide environmental education to students.

“Over the next three years, Alcoa Foundation will be working with American Forests to demonstrate our commitment to our employees and to communities around the world to make a positive and long-lasting impact on our shared environment,” said Rosa García Pineiro, Alcoa Foundation President and Sustainability Vice President.Since 2011, Alcoa Foundation and American Forests have worked together to enhance and protect forests in 14 countries, restoring wildlife habitat and combating climate change by utilizing forests to augment carbon storage and purify water and air. Through the dedication of Alcoa employees, local communities and partners, more than 1.58 million trees have already been planted.

“The Alcoa Foundation and American Forests have been partners on dozens of restoration projects during the past six years,” said Scott Steen, president & CEO of American Forests. “We are excited to take our partnership to the next level with a new, three-year commitment to enhance biodiversity and combat climate change.”


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Alcoa Foundation’s predecessor, currently known as Legacy Alcoa Foundation (and formerly known as Alcoa Foundation), was founded in 1952 as one of the few endowed corporate foundations in the United States. As a result of the separation of Alcoa Inc. into Alcoa Corporation and Arconic Inc. in November 2016, two new foundations were formed, into which the assets of Legacy Alcoa Foundation were transferred. One of the newly formed foundations, known now as Alcoa Foundation, is the foundation associated with Alcoa Corporation. Today, Alcoa Foundation invests where Alcoa Corporation has a presence, providing grants that contribute to environmental excellence around the world, particularly in the areas of biodiversity conservation and climate change research. Learn more at and follow @AlcoaFoundation on Twitter.