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Writer’s Guidelines

About American Forests Magazine

American Forests has been publishing its magazine since 1895. Filled with beautiful photographs and informative articles highlighting our nation’s forests and trees, American Forests features information for everyone from the environmentally conscious to the outdoor enthusiast. Its feature articles take readers into America’s forests to discover new trails and adventures or to uncover the latest science and policy breakthroughs. Other departments include forest policy updates from Washington, D.C.; Q&As with the experts on how to care for trees at home; news shorts addressing current projects and events; discussions on both sides of today’s more complex and controversial forestry issues; and profiles of individuals or organizations who make a difference for forests and trees in their community.


Each issue of our magazine can be broken down into several sections for which we encourage outside writers to submit content.

  • Feature Articles: These articles are roughly 2,000 words and deal with the following topics: outdoor recreation, environmental issues and tree-related science, adventures or news. Each issue contains three features.
  • Mini Feature: This article is a smaller version of a feature, at roughly 1,300 words. This feature can address a wider variety of forest-related topics, including but not limited to forest policy, community forest programs, benefits of trees, unique ecosystems and more. Each issue contains one mini feature.
  • Earthkeepers: This department examines a person or group of people, current or historic, that has worked to protect or responsibly manage a forest. These articles are 800 to 900 words. Each issue contains one Earthkeepers article.


Things To Know Before You Submit

We hope that the descriptions of our articles will help to steer you in the right direction, but the best way to understand the topics and style of writing that we publish is by reading past issues of the magazine.

Because we are a quarterly publication, we will not revisit a specific issue more than once in a year, so it is important that you look at the most recent issues of the magazine to be sure that we haven’t just covered the topic you are about to propose.

Every submission should include a detailed description of the topic you plan to write about, an overview of the sources you intend to use (if a more scientific piece), a brief history of your writing experience and a sample of your writing. Unless we have worked with you before, we will not consider submissions that do not include a writing sample.

Please email submissions to magazine@americanforests.org.


American Forests prides itself on gorgeous photography that showcases the beauty of nature. Many of the writers we work with are also able to supply their own photography, but where this is not the case, we look to supply other images to accompany the articles. We encourage nature photographers to submit their work for review. Please include detailed caption information and a brief description of your area of focus.

When we have specific needs, we will keep an updated list of them on this page. Photographers with appropriate material can submit a link to their website or a page of thumbnails to magazine@americanforests.org.