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Winter/Spring 2016

Winter/Spring 2016Experience one of the most eloquent seasonal transitions in Washington, D.C. Understand the complexities behind, and challenges faced by, the distribution of urban forests and green space. And, come along on a journey through a breathtaking California old-growth forest to understand the importance of watershed protection.

Plus, discover how technology is changing the field of conservation, hear the story of a woman’s mission to protect our country’s old-growth forests and get to know our new Artist-in-Residence, Chuck Fazio.

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  • A Capital Transition

    The elegant transition from winter to spring in Washington, D.C.’s Rock Creek Park.
  • A City at a Crossroads

    Socioeconomics and urban tree canopy add up to a less-than-mutually beneficial relationship in Oakland, Calif.
  • The Last Valley

    Travel along on a narrative adventure through Little Lost Man Creek and discover the importance of watershed protection.
  • Harnessing the Knowledge of Plants, Online

    An Online Inventory of the World’s 400,000 Plant Species.

  • Web Exclusive

  • Jim Furnish, retired deputy chief, USDA Forest Service

    Jim Furnish, retired deputy chief of the Forest Service, shares why he worked in forestry and his favorite experience in nature.

  • Departments

  • Speaking for the Trees

    Old-Growth Forest Network founder and director, Joan Maloof, has a mission to protect our country’s oldest forests.
  • Artist-in-Residence Chuck Fazio

    Announcing our new Artist-in-Residence, Chuck Fazio!
  • February 2nd, 2016|