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American Forests, Winter 2014, Vol. 120, No. 1Unearth what’s coming between the whitebark pine and Clark’s nutcracker in the Mountain West. Journey into the woods to discover a hidden cache and an outdoor recreation craze. And, investigate the influence a 50-year-old document still holds on the National Park Service today.

Plus, we take a magnifying glass to the fascinating relationship between ants and trees and pay a visit to a place where palms grow in peace.

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  • Ants and Trees: A Lifelong Relationship

    From seed to soil, ants help shape the lives of trees.
  • A Precarious Partnership of Pine and Bird

    Find out why this nutcracker's ecological dance with the whitebark pine is falling out of step.
  • The Leopold Legacy

    Delve into a quiet stand of pines and the 50-year legacy of land management they helped inspire.

  • Web Exclusive

  • Aldo Leopold’s “The Last Stand of the Wilderness”

    Would we rather have the few dollars that could be extracted from our remaining wild places than the human values they can render…?
  • Forest Frontiers: Dr. James Kielbaso

    Meet urban forestry expert Dr. James Kielbaso, who's in it "for love of the outdoors."

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  • A Place for Palms

    With patience and dedication, W.S. Merwin transformed a wasteland into a wonderland.
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