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American Forests Winter 2013Enter the race to save the Midwest’s ash trees from the destructive emerald ash borer. Journey into Cook Forest State Park and¬†Mohawk Trail State Forest, where they’re growing some gigantic trees. And, discover how to identify a tree by its bark.

Plus, we delve into the experiments being undertaken at Harvard Forest, and we meet some partners who are helping promote sustainable farming in Central America.

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  • The Language of Bark

    Follow one man's quest to create a different kind of field guide.
  • Cook vs. Mohawk: Where the Tall Trees Grow

    Visit two forests as they compete for the title of the Northeast's tallest.
  • An Ivy League Forest

    Observe cutting-edge research experiments at the 3,500-acre Harvard Forest.
  • Will We Kiss Our Ash Goodbye?

    Discover the latest insect wreaking havoc on the Midwest: the emerald ash borer.

  • Web Exclusive

  • Close Up With Nature Photographer Benjamin Zack

    Benjamin Zack shares stories from his quest for the perfect nature shot.
  • Forest Frontiers: Dr. Jonathan Kusel

    Dr. Jonathan Kusel recalls his most challenging and rewarding moments as an expert in forest-related policy.

  • Departments

  • Passing the Torch: Sustainable Farming in Honduran Communities

    Meet two Honduran farmers and the organization helping them achieve sustainability and a greater respect for the environment.
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