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American Forests Magazine Winter 2012Go beyond the canoe runs and underwater springs to discover the scrub pine ecosystems and threatened bird species of Ocala National Forest. Discover the restoration efforts underway to revitalize California’s Cuyamaca Rancho State Park. Visit some of America’s private forests to uncover how they’re working to protect threatened species living there.

Plus: We explore the many roles of mangrove forests and investigate outdoor schools that are immersing their students in nature.


  • Endangered Forest Species

    Find out how people are working to protect species that make their homes on private land.
  • Mangroves in the Mist

    Dive into the many roles of mangrove forests, which are some of the most fragile and complex ecosystems on Earth.
  • Sand Pines and Springs

    Delve into scrub pine ecosystems, canoe runs, underwater springs, threatened bird species and more in Ocala National Forest.
  • Regrowing a Forest

    Visit a forest in a California state park still healing from a devastating wildfire.

  • Web Exclusive

  • Close Up With Florida Nature Photographer David Moynahan

    David Moynahan describes his quest to capture the supermoon and a favorite Florida locale to shoot photos.
  • Forest Frontiers: Greg McPherson

    Forest researcher Greg McPherson chats about American elms, urban forestry and James Bond.

  • Departments

  • Teaching Among the Trees

    Discover outdoor schools that are giving kids a chance to learn while getting their hands dirty.
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