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Summer 2017

Summer 2017 issue coverLearn about the challenges faced by one of the country’s most unique ecosystems: maritime forests. Discover how critical healthy forests are to the future of the wildflower species that call them home. Lastly, explore the seven regions across the U.S. where we’ll be working through our new forest habitat restoration program, Wildlands for Wildlife.

Plus, tag along on the trek to create and preserve California’s Condor Trail.

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  • Soaring Under the Radar

    Discover the plight of California's Condor Trail and the endangered bird it's named for.
  • Losing Ground

    A world caught between the powers of wind and waves, in a dance with two of the most relentless forces on Earth.
  • Woodland Wildflowers On The Edge

    How can the outlook for wildflowers’ existence be anything other than bleak in habitat devoid of helpful organisms?
  • Wildlands for Wildlife

    Explore in-depth the seven ecoregions of our new initiative, Wildlands for Wildlife!

  • Departments

  • Saving Forest Habitat

    A word from our president & CEO.
  • Earthkeepers: Conservation Begins With Your Boots On The Ground

    Brenda Richardson is saving Washington, D.C., one life and one tree at a time
  • Donor Profile: Joan and Mike Diggs

    A little bit of Father's Day inspiration connected Joan and Mike Diggs to American Forests
  • Corporate Partner Profile: LightStream

    Highlighting our partnership with LightStream, which has worked with us to restore more than 1,000 acres.
  • Washington Outlook – The Congressional Review Act: Congress Putting Our Forests in Jeopardy

    Many important environmental protections are threatened by recent political developments.
  • Project Showcase: Doubling Down on Urban Forests

    Bank of America redoubles its efforts to improve urban forests
  • Project Showcase: How Panamanians and Trees Are Saving Each Other

    American Forests partners with The Azuero Earth Project, which combines science and fieldwork with community outreach to reforest and promote sustainability in Panama.
  • Forest Frontiers: Jill Jonnes

    Author and historian Jill Jonnes weighs in on urban forests
  • Last Look – Terri Chapman

    Stunning photography from American Forests' member Terri Chapman.
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