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Summer 2016

Summer Issue CoverExplore the profound and personal relationship between one of America’s greatest writers, Henry David Thoreau, and trees. Go on a big tree hunting narrative adventure through the forests of Colorado. And, get to know some of the most adorable, and hardworking, conservationists — dogs — and how they’re impacting conservation efforts.

Plus, discover new innovations in the field of urban forestry, hear how one professor hopes to change the way people view forest management and behold an absolutely breathtaking image that captures the beauty of nature.

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  • Innovations in Urban Forestry

    Urban forestry’s next era will focus on deeply engaging other disciplines and American Forests is taking a leading role.
  • Big Tree Hunting in Colorado: A Case for the Numbers

    An adventure through the forests of Colorado to seek towering big tree champions.
  • Canine Conservationists

    How a group of smart, hardworking dogs are sniffing their way to the frontlines of conservation.
  • Thoreau & Trees: A Visceral Connection

    The profound impact forests had on one of America’s greatest authors and his writing.

  • Web Exclusive

  • Richard Pouyat, National Program Lead for Air and Soil Quality, USDA Forest Service

    Richard Pouyat shares why he dreamed of working for the Forest Service and his admiration for Mr. Spock.
  • Last Look: Jason Liske

    Gorgeous photography from Jason Liske.

  • May 31st, 2016|