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Spring 2011

Spring 11 coverExplore the benefits of green infrastructure in Portland, Oregon, where the city’s Grey to Green program is having a positive impact on the community. Take a look at how would-be champion eastern hemlock trees are bringing attention to a disease that’s wiping them out. And learn how a Missouri man’s efforts are helping to bring back an unusual tree species, once thought to have vanished from the landscape.


  • A Tale of Two Trails

    The ongoing volunteer effort to create the midwest’s longest continuous hiking trail.
  • Conservation by Coalition

    Community-based conservation has affected the participants from grassroots organizers in their towns to federal bureaucrats in DC.
  • The Last of the Giants

    Documenting and saving the largest eastern hemlocks.

  • Departments

  • Natural Gas vs. Penn Forests

    As the natural gas industry finds resources in our nation’s forests, difficult choices between economy and environment must be made.
  • Trees: the New Sewers

    The city of Portland, Oregon is planting tens of thousands of trees, adding green infrastructure to the traditional gray.
  • Tree Saver

    One man’s crusade to save an Ozark Legend.
  • June 24th, 2011|