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Fall 2014

CoverImageGaze upon the giant elders of the eastern forests. Get up close and personal with a little critter with some big influence. And, get a glimpse of the future as we explore how nanoparticles from trees could shape our lives.

Plus, we travel to the Pacific Northwest to uncover the home of the northern spotted owl — in pictures — and to New England to meet with Bob Perschel, a forester who took a stand.

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  • Wolf Trees: Elders of the Eastern Forest

    Why old pasture trees in young forests are finally getting the recognition they deserve.
  • Saga of the Spotted Owl

    A photographic journey into the old growth forests that shelter the norther spotted owl.
  • Little Critter With Big Influence

    How one tiny salamander affects an entire forest's carbon cycle.
  • Micro Materials From Towering Timbers

    Nanoparticles from trees could shape the future.

  • Web Exclusive

  • Woodman, Spare That “Wolf” Tree!

    When Charles Elliott asked readers to rethink their attitude towards wolf trees, it was the beginning of a new outlook on the giants.
  • Forest Ecologist Dr. Diana F. Tomback

    Meet forest ecologist Dr. Diana F. Tomback, a champion for our endangered western forests.

  • Departments

  • A New Breed of Forester

    Bob Perschel brings a new vision of sustainability to New England's forests.
  • October 2nd, 2014|