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Fall 2013

American Forests, Fall 2013Embark on a 2,800-mile journey by bicycle along the Continental Divide. Witness the toll a changing climate is taking on a circumglobal super species. And, discover elk in the Cataloochee Valley of Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

Plus, we ponder our relationship with trees throughout the ages, and we visit the unofficial black walnut capital of the world.

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  • Reintroducing Elk to the Great Smoky Mountains

    Discover the efforts to bring majestic elk back to the eastern United States.
  • People and Trees: An Intimate Connection

    Muse upon our connection to trees and the many ways they bring meaning into our lives.
  • Aspen in a Changing World

    Glimpse what the future may hold for a tree with a global presence.
  • The Long Ride

    Join us on a bike ride along the continental divide from Canada to Mexico that passes through many national forests.

  • Web Exclusive

  • Close Up With Nature Photographer Tatiana Boyle

    Tatiana Boyle shares tales from her work as a nature photographer.
  • To Save a Tree

    Cathleen Cherry shares what a very special tree, saved from fire a week before tragedy struck, has meant to the local community.
  • Forest Frontiers: Dr. Philip J. Radtke

    Meet Phil Radtke, a member of the Big Tree Program's new Measuring Guidelines Working Group.

  • Departments

  • A Wild Crop and Backyard Harvest

    Meet the man who turns a wild crop into the nuts in your snack drawer.
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