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American Forests Autumn 2011 coverTake a journey through America’s champion big trees. Explore Superior National Forest’s various recreation opportunities. Discover the art and science of dendrochronology, the study of tree rings.


  • History in the Heartwood

    Science shows that tree rings can tell us much more than age.
  • A Journey Through Champion Trees

    Years of snapping champion trees have give this photographer quite a collection of favorites.
  • The Boundary Waters: A Place Apart

    Superior National Forest has much to offer outdoor recreationists, like hiking canoeing and birdwatching.

  • Web Exclusive

  • Fire and BWCA: A Place Apart Follow-up

    A lightening strike in August 2011 ignited a fire in BWCA that would last for months, becoming the third largest in Minnesota history.
  • Close Up With Naturalist and Nature Photographer Sparky Stensaas

    Sparky Stensaas discusses his love of nature, his quest for the elusive Canada lynx and more.

  • Departments

  • A Man Saved by Wilderness

    Ernest Oberholtzer's lifetime of conservation efforts protected millions of acres.
  • Tug of War in Adirondack Park

    Proposed policy changes could open up this iconic park to new logging.
  • A Tree-lined Path to Good Health

    Science now proves what many have long known: forests are good for you.
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