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String Lake at Night

By David Kingham

I shot this at one of my favorite locations in the Tetons: String Lake. The water pouring over the rocks creates a beautiful white noise that cancels out all your worries.

David Kingham is a nature photographer with particular interest in night photography and author of Nightscape: A Complete Guide to Photographing under the Night Sky. For Kingham, photography was the answer to a desire for something more than the cubicle walls of the working world he felt constrained by. Photography helped him discover his creative side and once he started, he says, he knew he had found his purpose in life and could never return to any other type of work. 

When alone in the mountains with his camera or staring at the night sky, Kingham feels humbled by the vastness and reminded of how small we are and how short our time is. His hope is for his artwork to trigger a similar response in viewers — to remind them of all the beauty in the world and to enjoy every day and continue to follow their passion. 

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