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Elephant Rocks State Park, Missouri

By Benjamin Zack

For the last several years, I’ve split my time between freelance photojournalism and natural resources work. This combination has allowed me to take a “back-door” look at the natural world with my camera. Last summer, I was camping near Elephant Rocks State Park in the Missouri Ozarks while working on a bat research project. Before work one day, I went out at dawn and captured this image of the granite monoliths. Throughout the vibrant green of the eastern Ozarks, you’ll find pockets of these unique pink boulders, which are more than a billion years old and range in size from several inches to larger than a house.

Elephant Rocks State Park

Benjamin Zack is a photojournalist who strives to tell stories that haven’t been told. The stories range from those unfolding miles away to issues hidden in plain sight. His photographs help viewers relate to the events and encourage them to learn more about the world around them. With an artistic eye, Zack strives to tell stories about the individual, the community, the environment and the spaces where the three intersect. His photographs and the stories they tell reflect his interests and background in education, natural resources and community development. Zack currently lives in Columbia, Mo., and you can view more of his work at

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