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Earthbound Farm Plants 690,000 Trees With American Forests

Almost 30 years ago, Drew and Myra Goodman moved to California and began a 2.5-acre organic raspberry farm they named Earthbound Farm. A mere two years later, they successfully launched a pre-washed, packaged salad for retail. And that was just the beginning of what is now a thriving national business. Today, just as it was at its founding in 1984, Earthbound Farm is dedicated to bringing the purest organic food possible to as many people as possible.

It should be no surprise that a company dedicated to providing healthy, organic food is also concerned with sustainability. Since 1999, Earthbound Farm has partnered with American Forests Global ReLeaf to plant more than 690,000 trees across the country. In 2011, Earthbound Farm helped American Forests reforest areas of Custer National Forest, which has seen its forest reduced by 69 percent in recent years due to wildfire.

This year, we’re teaming together to restore some California forests. One project is planting a variety of conifer trees in southern California’s Los Padres National Forest to help improve the canopy destroyed by wildfires in 2006 and 2007. The second is focused on the western portion of the Sierra Nevada’s Sierra National Forest, where development, fire and agriculture have negatively impacted the forest. American Forests and Earthbound Farm’s reforestation efforts in Sierra National Forest will not only improve the area’s ecosystem, but will also enhance its recreation by helping reforest areas around the mountain’s ski slopes.

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