We cannot solve climate change without fully using the power of forests to help capture and store carbon dioxide emissions generated by human activity. More than 14 percent of U.S. carbon emissions each year are absorbed by our forests, and there is potential to grow this natural carbon sink with actions like planting more trees.

Yet it is also clear that climate change is weakening and even killing our forests with alarming speed. From dramatic tree mortality and high-intensity wildfire across the West to changing tree species composition and declining forest health in the East, our forests are struggling to adjust to the rapid changes in our climate.

At this pivotal moment for our forests and the overall health of our planet, American Forests has stepped into a national leadership role to deliver forest solutions to climate change. American Forests is the nation’s first forest conservation organization, founded in 1875, and leads the 37-member Forest-Climate Working Group, the nation’s only sector-wide coalition working on forest-based carbon mitigation. American Forests’ President & CEO Jad Daley was the co-founder of the Forest-Climate Working Group in 2007, and has served as co-chair since that time.

American Forests has 25 years of experience advancing carbon sequestration through reforestation projects conducted in partnership with federal and state agencies and other partners, having planted more than 55 million trees in all 50 states.

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