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Why Partner?

There are dozens of organizations in the U.S. that want to see healthy and climate-resilient forests from coast to coast. What sets American Forests apart is our deep expertise in forest restoration and conservation, connections with influential policy makers, our flexibility in partnership models and ability to bring together and find common ground among people who have diverse viewpoints.

That’s why, for example, we have a 145-year track record of getting bipartisan-supported laws and government programs created or amended — all so we and others can restore large forest landscapes and create urban forests.

Partnering with us today is more important than ever. We cannot solve climate change without fully using the power of forests to help capture and store carbon dioxide emissions generated by human activity. More than 14 percent of U.S. carbon emissions each year are absorbed by our forests, and there is potential to grow this natural carbon sink with actions like planting more trees. Yet it is also clear that climate change is weakening and even killing our forests with alarming speed.

Trees are also vital to the health and wealth of people. Across the U.S., they absorb 17.4 million tons of air pollutants, preventing 670,000 cases of asthma and other acute respiratory symptoms annually. In cities nationwide, trees prevent approximately 1,200 heat-related deaths and countless heat-related illnesses annually. This ability of trees to protect people from heat is significant, given that a 10-fold increase in heat-related deaths is expected in the Eastern U.S. by 2050.

Our partnerships:

Make an Impact

You can help address two of the most critical issues of the day—climate change and social inequities that people in under-resourced communities face. You also can help protect America’s water and wildlife. An example of our impact is the work American Forests has been doing with corporations and others to restore habitat for the endangered Kirtland’s warbler over the last 25 years, planting nearly 4 million trees. Since then, their population has rebounded from just 200 to nearly 4,000. Join us and be a part of success stories like these.

See how our work addresses pressing issues around climate, social equity, water and wildlife.

Tell Your Story

Our work is easily translated into messages that corporations’ customers and audiences will understand and support. From cause marketing efforts like an Earth Day campaign to add-a-dollar at checkout options, we will work closely with you on the most effective ways to market the work we are doing together. We utilize various communications methods to tell the story of our partnership’s work, such as social media videos, speaking engagements, blog posts and OpEds.

Minimize Risk

Founded in 1875, American Forests is the nation’s oldest national nonprofit conservation organization. In addition to our storied history, we lead the nation’s foremost forest and climate coalitions and initiatives, such as the U.S. Climate Alliance and the Forest-Climate Working Group.

And we have worked with trusted brands across dozens of industries including finance, retail, utility, technology and food and beverage.

American Forests has a long nonpartisan history. Protecting and restoring our forests knows no political bounds. We work with whoever has the drive, passion and wherewithal to help make our forests healthier, stronger and more resilient. We’ve worked with administrations and legislators from all political parties and continue to do so.

Partnership Highlight: Arhaus

Arhaus and American Forests joined forces in 2017. Among our projects together, we have worked to bring back to life 175 acres of land in the Monongahela National Forest in West Virginia that had previously been mined for coal. Together we have planted more than 67,000 trees, and helped make this landscape and others more resilient to climate change and a refuge for wildlife.

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