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Photo by 2018 Grand Prize Winner, Everett Bloom

From the sprawling, dense forest landscapes to bustling urban forests and the small details in between, the majesty of nature can be difficult to capture. Our annual Forests in Focus photo contest gives photographers – amateurs and seasoned professionals alike – the chance to showcase their skills to uniquely highlight the magnificence of these wooded wonders. The 2018 contest recently came to a close, and we were astounded by the talent in this year’s entries. See some of the winners below, and start gaining inspiration for next year!

“Cape Flattery” by Nick Hanyok
2018 Forest Landscapes Winner

“Long Stare” by Dave Nichols
2018 Honorable Mention

“Suspended” by Morgan Lytle
2018 Creativi-Trees Winner

Contest Dates

Submissions for the 2018 Forests in Focus contest are closed. Entries will reopen in early summer 2019.

Past Categories

Start planning your shots for next year by reading about the different categories for submitting photos!
Categories subject to change.

  • Forest Landscapes
    • Description: Whether it’s a sprawling forest landscape or an incredible grove of sequoias, we want to see your interpretations of how to capture the majestic expanse of our forests.
  • Big, Beautiful Trees
    • Description: There’s nothing quite like a big, beautiful tree – we should know, we hold the National Register of Champion Trees! In this category, we’re looking for photos that will capture these giants from a unique perspective. While we particularly love old, gnarled ancients, we’re open to up-and-comers, too!
  • Forest Wildlife
    • Description: Catching wildlife in action is a unique skill, but one that results in beautiful images of nature as it’s meant to be. Note: Please do not put any animals (or yourself!) at risk when photographing wildlife. We will not accept photos of this nature.
  • Forests & People
    • Description: We love spending time in nature, and we know you do too! We want to see how you enjoy forests — hiking, skiing, exploring with family and other activities!
  • Forest Close-Ups
    • Description: The intricacies of the forest are often enough to take your breath away. In this category, we want to see those little details that you can only find by paying close attention to the world around you.
  • Creativi-trees
    • Description: This is a new category for our artistically inclined photographers. These photos allow artists the opportunity to edit and alter their images for a unique perspective.
  • Aspiring Photographers (Under age 18)
    • Description: For all of our young forest lovers! This category is for the next generation of photographers to showcase and sharpen their skills.

Additional rules for entry will be posted when the 2019 contest opens.