Planting Hope

Urban Forests for Climate Solutions

City forests offer a huge, overlooked capacity
to store carbon & slow climate change.

In September 2018, American Forests joined thousands of people at the Global Climate Action Summit to create bold climate action.

These people included heads of state, governors, mayors, CEOs, scientists and more. American Forests was proud to play a major role, hosting an official Affiliate Event on Tuesday, September 11th. We also publicly announced our acceptance of the U.S. Climate’s Natural and Working Lands Challenge, receiving recognition from Governor David Ige of Hawaii for our plan to plant 10 million trees in Climate Alliance Member States.

Hear remarks from Jad Daley, American Forests President & CEO, from GCAS!


A huge thank you to the partners that made our GCAS Affiliate Event a success: American Forests, Friends of the Urban Forest, City of San Francisco, City Forest Credits, San Francisco Department of the Environment, San Francisco Public Works and San Francisco Urban Forestry Council.


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We cannot solve climate change without forests to help capture and store carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions made by humans. Forests absorb up to a third of carbon dioxide, the

The staff of American Forests shares what made GCAS special for us.

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