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Partnerships are at the heart of what we do at American Forests. Without the help and passion of organizations in the field, tens of thousands of acres of forest would be unhealthy and unproductive and urban communities across the United States would continue to lose much-needed greenspace. These connections are the bedrock of our conservation efforts.

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American ReLeaf and Global ReLeaf

American Forests works with local and regional on-the-ground partners, both new and ongoing, to achieve our tree planting goals. Through our American ReLeaf and Global ReLeaf programs, we fund domestic and international projects that help advance our mission to restore forests.

The 2017 program is under development. Check back soon.

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Community ReLeaf

Through our Community ReLeaf program, we offer services to local nonprofits, as well as municipal and regional governments, to help assess urban tree canopy, increase greenspace by planting trees and shrubs and complement policy and outreach efforts that local community groups have undertaken.

For more information about this program, please contact Ian Leahy, Director of Urban Forests Programs, at 202.350.4524 or by email.

Forest Policy

From coalitions with other conservation groups to sending letters to policymakers on Capitol Hill, our policy work is front and center with a diverse network of conservation and forestry leaders, ensuring that forests have a voice in policy decisions.

For more information about our policy coalitions and efforts, please contact Rebecca Turner, Senior Director of Programs and Policy, at 202.350.4521 or by email.