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In 2013, American Forests began recruiting advanced tree measurers to carry out the challenge of more accurately measuring and crowning America’s biggest trees.

Today, the National Cadre of Tree Measurers has more than 40 members and apprentices, each covering a specific geographical area, certifying champion tree statuses and resolving debates about potential champions that present special problems. American Forests’ goal is to establish a Cadre presence in all 50 states.

National Cadre Members

  • Don Bertolette
  • Bob Leverett
  • Daniel Allen
  • Neal Bamesberger
  • Brian Beduhn
  • Doug Bidlack
  • Will Blozan
  • Don Bragg
  • Shawn Bruzda
  • Steve Colburn
  • Erik Danielson
  • Michael Davie
  • Eli Dickerson
  • John Eichholz
  • Ed Frank
  • Steve Galehouse
  • Steve Hallow
  • John Harvey
  • Rick Koval
  • Dale Luthringer
  • Matt Markworth
  • Kevin Martin
  • Zane Moore
  • Tyler Phillips
  • Jess Riddle
  • Steve Roark
  • Turner Sharp
  • Tom Simpson
  • Sam Stoddard
  • Michael Taylor
  • Larry Tucei
  • Nancy Weiss
  • Elijah Whitcomb

Our goal is to make the American Forests Champion Trees national register the model for other countries to follow. The National Cadre will be a primary vehicle for implementing this vision.

Note: Big tree state coordinators operate their respective big tree programs and state registers. American Forests works with coordinators to verify and enhance the national register of champion trees.

Ways to Engage


Search the American Forests Champion Tree national register.


Nominate a big tree that you think can achieve champion status.


Browse stories on our blog, Loose Leaf, and get to know the people and champions that make up the program.


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