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The 2016 American Forests Champion Trees national register has 781 national champions, including 37 newly crowned champions and co-champions. The national database has basic and advanced search features that allow users to search by species, measurements, location and point total.

There are more than 200 species without a champion. Become a big-tree hunter with an instant champion to your credit by finding one of these trees. You just need a measuring tape and a ruler to get started. Click here to see how.

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Sequoia Giant Species:Sequoia Common Name:Giant Scientific Name:Sequoiadendron giganteum State:CA County:Tulare Points:1321

Redwood Coast Species:Redwood Common Name:Coast Scientific Name:Sequoia sempervirens State:CA County:Del Norte Points:1290

Spruce Sitka Species:Spruce Common Name:Sitka Scientific Name:Picea sitchensis State:WA County:Grays Harbor Points:951

Redcedar Western Species:Redcedar Common Name:Western Scientific Name:Thuja plicata State:WA County:Clallam Points:922

Douglas-fir Coast Species:Douglas-fir Common Name:Coast Scientific Name:Pseudotsuga menziesii State:WA County:Grays Harbor Points:891

Port-orford-cedar Species:Port-orford-cedar Scientific Name:Chamaecyparis lawsoniana State:OR County:Coos Points:773

Eucalyptus Bluegum Species:Eucalyptus Common Name:Bluegum Scientific Name:Eucalyptus globulus State:CA County:Petrolia Points:759

Baldcypress Common Species:Baldcypress Common Name:Common Scientific Name:Taxodium distichum State:LA County:West Feliciana Points:739

Cypress Monterey Species:Cypress Common Name:Monterey Scientific Name:Cupressus macrocarpa State:CA County:Pescadero Points:718

Cottonwood Fremont Species:Cottonwood Common Name:Fremont Scientific Name:Populus fremontii ssp. fremontii State:AZ County:Yavapai Points:702

Incense-cedar Species:Incense-cedar Scientific Name:Calocedrus decurrens State:CA County:Siskiyou Points:644

Incense-cedar Species:Incense-cedar Scientific Name:Calocedrus decurrens State:OR County:Josephine Points:633

Oak Canyon live Species:Oak Common Name:Canyon live Scientific Name:Quercus chrysolepis State:CA County:San Bernardino Points:622

Pine Sugar Species:Pine Common Name:Sugar Scientific Name:Pinus lambertiana State:CA County:Tuolumne Points:615

Maple Bigleaf Species:Maple Common Name:Bigleaf Scientific Name:Acer macrophyllum State:OR County:Lane Points:605

Alaska-cedar Species:Alaska-cedar Scientific Name:Cupressus nootkatensis State:WA County:Jefferson Points:585

Tupelo Water Species:Tupelo Common Name:Water Scientific Name:Nyssa aquatica State:VA County:Greensville Points:584

Fir Noble Species:Fir Common Name:Noble Scientific Name:Abies procera State:WA County:Cowlitz Points:579

Sycamore American Species:Sycamore Common Name:American Scientific Name:Platanus occidentalis State:OH County:Ashland Points:578

Pine Pacific ponderosa Species:Pine Common Name:Pacific ponderosa Scientific Name:Pinus ponderosa var. benthamiana State:CA County:El Dorado Points:576

Juniper Sierra Species:Juniper Common Name:Sierra Scientific Name:Juniperus grandis State:CA County:Tuolumne Points:573

Cottonwood Eastern Species:Cottonwood Common Name:Eastern Scientific Name:Populus deltoides ssp. deltoides State:NE County:Gage Points:565

Oak Live Species:Oak Common Name:Live Scientific Name:Quercus virginiana State:GA County:Ware Points:558

Hemlock Western Species:Hemlock Common Name:Western Scientific Name:Tsuga heterophylla State:WA County:Jefferson Points:546

Cottonwood Black Species:Cottonwood Common Name:Black Scientific Name:Populus balsamifera ssp. trichocarpa State:OR County:Polk Points:544

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