Find out the latest in forest news in this week’s Forest Digest!

Deer in forest
Credit: Yinghai Lu
  • ‘Ghost Forests’ Appear As Rising Seas Kill Trees Climate Central
    Research being conducted by climate scientists is revealing that sea level rise may be another alarming cause of deforestation along coastal landscapes, where the now increased exposure to salt is poisoning the trees.
  • Photographer’s work highlights connection between Alaska’s forests, salmon and people Mother Nature Network
    This interview with award-winning nature photographer Amy Gulick regarding her recently published book helps to highlight the relationship between Alaska’s Tongass forest, its inhabitants and spawning salmon.
  • Trees know when deer are eating them — and how to fight back Washington Post
    A study recently published in the journal Functional Ecology describes the a way in which maple and beech trees can detect when roe deer are eating them, as well as enacting a strategy that helps to ensure the deer do not return or continue to eat it.
    A new study published in Current Biology discusses how researchers’ work with the fossils of the dinosaur Psittacosaurus revealed such well-preserved skin that color patterns were able to be analyzed, revealing their excellently camouflaged skin for forest habitat.