Find out the latest in forest news in this week’s Forest Digest!

Tree at night
Credit: Alistair Nicol via Flickr.
  • Breathtaking Photos of Ancient Trees Against Starry Skies — Atlas Obscura
    Nature photographer Beth Moon went on a quest to capture the world’s oldest trees backlit by the universe. To do this, she traveled the world, journeying to places such as South Africa, England and California. See some examples from her work here!
  • Forests: A Parallax View in MusicNational Geographic
    Concept albums are in themselves not a new concept. But, has anyone so thoroughly captured the effects of climate change through music? Composer Paul Miller writes about his composition process and how he captures the nature of trees in this experimental soundscape.
  • How Conservation Is Getting a 21st-Century Overhaul — Water Deeply
    The Freshwater Trust is updating its approach to conservation, bringing in new tools and technology to measure its impact. They are changing their focus to be more about outcome than procedure. Read about the latest techniques in conservation innovation.