• Warming could slow upslope migration of treesScience Daily
    As temperatures across the globe continue to increase, scientists are expecting to see shifting tree lines — seeing subalpine forests move further up the mountains as their acclimated climate continues to only be found at higher and higher elevations.
  • Trees are nature’s remedy for blocking noiseLincoln Journal Star
    “Soundscaping” is gaining popularity in cities as landscape designers are increasing the use of trees as natural buffers to mute loud city noises such as sirens.
  • New map reveals shattering effect of roads on natureThe Guardian
    New research warns of the safety of our remaining wilderness as new map shows the Earth split into 600,000 fragments, due to increased road building, making it extremely difficult for these fragmented areas to support significant wildlife.
  • Devastating wildfires in Eastern forests likely to be repeated, expert warnsPenn State News
    According to a researcher with Penn State’s College of Agricultural Sciences, due to a lack of necessary managed fires in our Eastern forests as well as climate change, devastating megafires — like the one that destroyed parts of Gatlinburg, Tenn. and the Smoky Mountains — will occur more frequently.