Find out the latest in forest news in this week’s Forest Digest!

Dead sequioa
Credit: JayD Photography via Flickr.
  • Report: EU Policies Put Biodiversity, U.S. Forests at Risk NRDC
    Some of North America’s most biodiverse ecosystems are being threatened by Europe’s demand for wood pellets. Due to a policy loophole that designates biomass as a carbon neutral energy source, the southeastern United States’ most diverse forests may be converted into plantations.
  • Reversing deforestation, restoring landscapes CIFOR
    Findings from the 2016 Asia-Pacific Rainforest Summit address how to restore rainforests while still encouraging economic development in local regions. The countries represented at the summit pledged to restore millions of acres of rainforest by 2020.
  • Persistent Drought Kills Millions Of Trees In California Forests NPR
    As California’s drought persists, temperatures continue to rise and wildfires increase in size and ferocity, teams of scientists are climbing trees to assess the damage. This interview with a biologist in Sequoia National Park discusses the health of California’s forests.
  • Logged forests are havens for endangered species in Southeast Asia —
    New research reveals that selectively logged forests can still support diverse wildlife. The study in Borneo found just as many animals in the selectively logged forests as in protected old-growth forests, including rare species like cloud leopards and civets.