The ongoing government shutdown has resulted in limited service in national parks and forests, with search and rescue, visitor centers, trash collection and more all lacking.

At U.N. climate talks in Poland last month, scientists stressed the need for gender equality in tree-based climate initiatives, citing links between inclusive processes with more equitable outcomes and better environmental performance.

Flooding, drought, wildfires and dangerously high temperatures – 2018 saw it all, and these extreme weather patterns are likely to continue this year and into the future.

Forests’ ‘fast food’ diet of carbon dioxide is causing them to grow faster, but the growth may peak as the trees deplete nitrogen in the soil.

The holiday season might be over, but researches in Britain have found a new way to repurpose the most iconic decoration.

11 policy ideas to protect the planetThe Washington Post

We have until 2030 to implement drastic changes to avoid catastrophic warming – these 11 policy initiatives can help.