Credit: Scott Davenport

Check out what’s happened this week in forestry news!

The Land and Water Conservation Fund is instrumental in preserving natural spaces, but without action from Congress, it will expire later this year.

Assistant Professor Kenneth Wallen believes social science is one way timber trafficking can be controlled. He proposes showing the public the damage illegal timber trade causes to humans and forests, and stigmatizing the sale and purchase of contraband wood products to curb the illegal timber trade.

Tossing and turning? Bring some of this greenery into your house for a good night’s rest.

California’s dense forests may be harming its water system through excessive evapotranspiration, the process by which plants emit water absorbed from the ground, through tiny pores in their leaves. This is particularly troubling during prolonged, warm droughts. The solution may be using managed fires to thin forests.

This team looked at 10 megacities around the world to calculate the benefits of tree canopy cover, including the ability to reduce flooding, improve air quality, reduce pollution and more.