By Devon Kellums, American Forests

Are you interested in seeing really awesome nature views, but are too busy to leave home? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Here are 10 nature Instagrammers you should check out. Though their photography styles and subjects vary, what they have in common is the power to make us appreciate the beauty of the nature all around us — and all over the world!

Everett Bloom


While scrolling through Everett Bloom’s profile, you’ll suddenly realize how wondrous the night sky is. His focus on time-lapse and long exposures in California makes for incredible star-trail photos over beautiful landscapes.

Max Rive


This award-winning photographer has made a career out of taking people’s breath away. When Rive’s photos appear on your feed, you’ll feel like you’re standing on top of a mountain right next to him, without having to buy a plane ticket!

Stacy William Head


This Canadian photographer, based in Alberta, showcases the marvelous landscapes Canada has to offer. Head was initially inspired to start taking photos of nature through Instagram, and started shooting with his cellphone and GoPro. He now uses a Nikon D810.

Unlike my last post – this is a lesser known area of Alberta and where I live. Hiking here for the first time got me first interested in photography. I had to return quite a few times before I got a shot I liked. Have a great day/night! 😀 . . . Settings and gear: Nikon D810 || L: Nikkor 16-35mm f4 || F: 16mm || A: f16 || ISO 64|| 3 stop soft grad || 3 secs ||Tripod: Fotopro T-64CL || Lowepro Pro Trekker 450AW || LR and PS for post processing @Fotopro.usa Tripods – High end photography gear for outdoor photographers. @loweprobags – The Trusted Original. #crowsnestpass #alberta #explorecanada #waterfalls #explorealberta #landscape #canada #mountains #enjoycanada #sharecangeo #nikonCA #travelawesome #dream_image #modernoutdoors #outdoortones #greatnorthcollective #mthrworld #bestshotz_earth #bestnatureshot #artofvisuals #loweprobags #nikonnofilter #ig_discover_nature #radtravel #loves_landscape #sunset #sunsetvision #theoutbound #mainvision

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Oliver Fernander


The Pacific Northwest is home to magnificent mountain ranges and stunning waterfalls, and Oliver Fernander is there to capture it all on camera. At first glance, you would never think that he’s new to the nature photography scene, but this young photographer started his account just about a year ago in 2017.

Noel Casaje


Follow Noel Casaje on her adventures around the world, and watch as she creates astonishingly surreal images. Her photos will remind you just how extraordinary our world is.

Colby Brown


This photographer creates wonderfully vibrant photos, and also teaches the art of photography. Learn from Colby Brown and hear about his amazing treks through his photography workshops.

Heiko Gerlicher


Step into a beautiful, serene forest in Germany with Heiko Gerlicher. Looking at these photos in the middle of your work day will bring you an instant sense of tranquility.

Daniel Henrichs


Amateur photographer Daniel Henrichs has some stunning images on his feed. Follow this new photographer to watch him rise up in the field of nature photography!

Chris Burkard


Self-taught photographer, Chris Burkard travels the globe in search of magnificent views that most people don’t get the opportunity to see. Burkard is a well-known and respected photographer — in 2015, he spoke on a TED Talk about his powerful images and adventures.

Jonas Beyer


Braving the freezing temperatures of the Arctic may not be everyone, but Jonas Beyer pulls it off. This wildlife photographer has traveled to Antarctica, Greenland, Norway and several other locations to capture extraordinary animals on camera.