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How to Make 2018 Your Greenest Year Yet

January 1st, 2018|Tags: , |

By Emily Barber, Marketing Manager

We’ve all made the common New Year’s resolutions: eat healthier, exercise more, worry less. While these are great goals, many of us have trouble sticking to it. Perhaps they are too vague to incorporate into our everyday habits, or too lofty to even attempt. These simple eco-conscious tips will help you kick-start 2018 in the greenest way possible, and before you know it, you’ll be wondering why you didn’t try them sooner!

Calculate your carbon footprint

Knowing your effect on the environment is a great place to start. Calculate the cost of your carbon footprint and use that number as a baseline for your conservation efforts — whether that’s in the form of donations, spending less on your energy bill, or whatever else works for you.

Grow an Indoor Garden

Indoor plants come with a wealth of benefits, including purifying the air, helping us focus and improving our moods! For the busy gardener, though, it can be difficult to give your plants the attention they deserve. These low-maintenance plants look great in a windowsill, kitchen table or nightstand, and they’re super easy to care for.

Say “No” to Straws

Plastic straws create a ton of waste, and they can be a huge threat to wildlife when disposed of incorrectly. When going out to eat, simply tell your waiter or waitress that you don’t need a straw. Worried about messing up your lipstick? Aluminum straws are your answer.

Bonus tip: Bring your own travel mug to coffee shops to cut back on waste even more. Some stores even offer a discount for customers that bring their own mug!

Spend More Time in Nature

Getting outside will give you that “New year, new me” feeling in no time. People who walk as little as 15 to 30 minutes a day are significantly healthier than those who don’t, and a monthly trip to nature could include health benefits like stress relief and even cancer prevention.

Take the Road More Traveled

This resolution goes hand-in-hand with spending more time in nature, but it’s even easier to accomplish: Stay on the trails while hiking! Trails exist for a reason, and forging your own path could disturb plants and animals.

Go Paperless

Take your organization goals up a notch by making your note-taking, filing, billing, etc., all paperless. Opt for digital receipts when possible, switch to a notebook app instead of spiral bound, and pay your bills online if you aren’t already. Minimizing your use of paper will create less waste and help you stay organized in the New Year.

Plant Trees!

While this is always our go-to resolution, it might be new for you! Forests are essential to life on earth. From saving energy costs, to creating clean water, to providing habitats for wildlife, everyone can agree that planting trees is a worthy — and realistic — goal in 2018.

Whether you choose to try out one or all of these resolutions this year, we wish you the best of luck and can’t wait to hear how it goes!

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