Big Tree Madness bracket

Have you heard the word? March is a month of madness in more ways than one! Today marks the opening of American Forests’ “Big Tree Madness!” We’re asking you to help us choose the Ultimate Big Tree from our carefully selected Sweet Sixteen. Will it be the towering western redcedar, giant among giants in Olympic National Forest? Or could it be the 12-foot Texas redbud, a “tiny titan,” dwarfing others of its species?

Like us on Facebook to join in the fun. We’ll post each day’s matchup at 10:00 a.m. ET, and you’ll have until 10:00 the next morning to vote. It’s up to you to decide who will be crowed Ultimate Big Tree.

Check out our bracket and the full rules of Big Tree Madness over at our Big Tree page.

  1. What: Big Tree Madness. Vote for the Ultimate Big Tree!
  2. Where: American Forests on Facebook
  3. When: March 19th through April 8th. Winner announced on April 9th!
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