Find out the latest in forestry news in this week’s Forest Digest!

  • Why Partnerships for Forests are Critical to Achieving the SDGsHuffington Post
    As a result of last year’s New York Declaration on Forests and focusing on the Sustainable Development Goals ahead, to improve forest practices and management it has become evident that a partnership approach must be taken, including both public and private sector as well as civil society.
  • Laser mapping the California forestsAl Jazeera America
    An ecologist and scientist from Carnegie Airborne Observatory has spent several months laser mapping forest damage in California at a rate of 8 million trees per hour.
  • Wildfires: How to Save The ForestsNature World News
    A commentary recently published in the journal Science calls on more prescribed, or controlled, burns and mechanical thinning methods to help address increased wildfires.
  • Historic cottonwood tree gets new shot at life in BillingsThe Missoulian
    When a 105-foot cottonwood tree had to be cut down in Montana, Marty Flanagan, a local tree enthusiast came to the rescue, taking cuttings so that the tree can propagate and its superior genetics can live on.  Science and environmentalism at its finest!