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  • Mount McKinley
    Mount McKinley in Alaska. Photo by Christoph Strässler/Flickr.

    Lots of Trees to Hug: Study Counts 3 Trillion Trees on Earth New York Times
    A new study that was just released reveals that there are now more than three trillion trees growing on earth. While this is seven times more than researchers previously thought, it remains alarmingly less than it used to be.

  • The World Lost Two Portugals’ Worth of Forest Last YearTakePart
    As demand for palm oil increases and, therefore, deforestation continues to take its toll on forests, a new study has revealed that, last year alone, we lost enough forest to cover the country of Portugal two times, equaling 45 million acres.
  • Mount McKinley Will Again Be Called DenaliThe Guardian
    This week during President Obama’s visit to Alaska, he gave an executive order that renamed Mount McKinley, the tallest mountain in the continental U.S., its original, native name of Denali. The restoration of its native name holds cultural significance for local Alaskan tribes.