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Forest Digest: August 26, 2018

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Check out what’s happened this week in forest news!

Planting a mix of tree species ‘could double’ forest carbon storage – CarbonBrief

In addition to creating more efficient carbon sinks, biodiversity also provides benefits to the wildlife that inhabit forests.

5 Reasons We Must “Pre-store” Forests for Climate Change – Medium

American Forests’ President & CEO Jad Daley discusses five ways climate change is affecting the way we care for forests and why we must address the problem head-on.

As Wildfires Rage, Divide Widens Between Democratic, GOP Voters on Climate Change – Morning Consult

Overall, 61 percent of voters said that climate change contributed either some or a lot to recent disasters “such as this year’s wildfires throughout the West.”

Cooling Dallas’s Concrete Jungle – CityLab

Groups in Dallas are using GIS technology and sophisticated data to bring trees to vulnerable populations, where temperatures can reach 10 degrees higher in certain areas due to lack of canopy cover.

How Wildfires Can Affect Climate Change (and Vice Versa) – InsideClimate News

Wildfire is a natural part of earth’s carbon cycles, but human-induced climate change is causing wildfires to become increasingly more damaging – last year, global CO2 emissions from fire reached 32.5 billion tons.

August 26th, 2018|Categories: Blog, Forest Digest|Tags: , , , , |