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5 of the Cutest Forest Critters

June 12th, 2018|Tags: |

By Devon Kellums, American Forests

Do you ever find yourself scrolling through baby animal pictures when you’re having a bad day or bored at work? Cute baby critters can almost instantly cheer you up with their fluffy fur or their wide eyes. However, without forests, many of these animals wouldn’t have a home to live in. Thank the trees and the forest for providing a comfortable habitat for these adorable babies to be born in while scrolling through some of our favorite baby animals!

baby fox
Foxes may be known for being mischievous, but this little guy just looks like he wants some snuggles.

moose calf
Heading up to Alaska or perhaps Yellowstone this spring? If you’re lucky, you’ll see a cow (mother moose) with her calf. These babies grow fast though, so get there before you miss their lovable fluff!

two fawns
Many kids still love watching the classic Bambi movie. This year, take your kids to spot a real life Bambi! They’re even more adorable in real life.

wolf baby and mama
You definitely don’t want to cross this mom to get to her wolf pup, but it’s so tempting! They might look like a regular fluffy puppy, but one day they’ll grow up to be wild wolves on the hunt for prey.

baby bear on tree
Bear cubs are always playing and being goofy, as if they’re not cute enough already. It’s hard to believe we’re not supposed to pet them!

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