Big Tree Madness Final Four kicked off today with the “Mighty” Montezuma Baldcypress from Texas representing the South and the “Brave Giant” Acacia Koa of Hawaii representing the West. Tomorrow the “Prickly and Persistent” Ozark Chinkapin of Missouri will go up against the “Overtly Awesome” Osage-orange from Virginia. The Ozark chinkapin will be one to watch. The tree has had a strong and mobilized fan base throughout the competition. But the Brave Giant’s fans have not been taking the competition sitting down either, not have the fans of the Mighty, and the osage-orange has a lot of popular and historic appeal. At this point, it’s too close to call.

Final Four tree stats:

  1. “Mighty” Montezuma Baldcypress (Texas)

    Tree Circumference:301
    Crown Spread:99
    Total Points:394
    Location: San Benito

  2. “Brave Giant” Acacia Koa (Hawaii)

    Tree Circumference:343
    Crown Spread:93
    Location: Kona Hema Preserve

  3. “Overtly Awesome” Orange-Osage (Virginia)

    Tree Circumference:349
    Crown Spread:88
    Location: Red Hill Shrine, Charlotte, VA

  4. “Prickly and Persistent” Ozark Chinkapin (Missouri)

    Tree Circumference:35
    Crown Spread:38