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An Adventurer’s Connection to Nature: Q&A with Eddie Bauer Athlete KC Deane

June 21st, 2016|Tags: , , |


Credit: Chris Figenshau courtesy of Eddie Bauer.

We all have a different connection to nature. For those who have a love of outdoor adventure and spend much of their time in nature, that connection is imperative to who they are. This is the case for KC Deane. Deane is an accomplished skier and mountain biker who also happens to be great with a camera. He’s competed in numerous renowned events and had his photography published frequently. In the following interview, learn more about Deane’s connection to nature and the environment in which he thrives.

Q: Do you think it was nature or nurture that created in you the seeds of the passion you have for outdoor adventure?

A: For me, I think it was both. Having parents that get you in the outdoors is a key element. Then, once you get out in nature, it keeps you coming back. The older I got the more I wanted to be outside and looking for new places.

Q: How young were you when you first knew you wanted to be pushing your limits outside?

A: I was probably about 5 or 6 years old. I had been skiing for a few years at age 6 and looked up to my brother and my dad. Also, the influence of watching ski movies made me want to be a skier.

Deane skying off mountain.

Credit: Grant Gunderson courtesy of Eddie Bauer.

Q: Was there a mentor or influence in your life that drew you to these sports?

A: My dad, 100 percent. He is the reason I am doing so many different sports. He was taking me skiing and climbing as a little kid and towing me up hills on my bike before I had enough strength to keep up with everyone. He was constantly taking me into the mountains, and, by an early age, I was always looking forward to doing something new.

Deane preparing to board helicopter.

Credit: Chris Figenshau courtesy of Eddie Bauer.

Q: What is the connection for you, if any, between your adventure life and your view of the natural world?

A: Every day that I get out to do a sport, I’m in nature. So, being in nature on a daily basis and seeing the effects humans have locally, as well as globally, through global warming, it is hard not to become protective over the places we go and what we have.

Deane mountain biking

Credit: Grant Gunderson courtesy of Eddie Bauer.

Q: As a photographer, filmmaker and blogger/adventurer, what impact do you hope your work will have on others?

A: One of the best things for me is to inspire others to go do things and see more. Personally, one of the best compliments as an athlete/photographer is when I get a comment or meet someone in person that tells me, “hey, I just upped and left what I was doing because I wanted to go see and experience the places that I’ve seen through your images.” So, to continue that is one way I hope to impact people, and the other is to see and admire a place while leaving it as it is. Sometimes, the more people visit a place, for instance, you can see the effects they have on it. I like to think that when a person goes to see a place I took an image of they see it without any trace of myself or anyone else that has been there before.


Credit: Chris Figenshau courtesy of Eddie Bauer.

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