This summer, we held our first ever Trees Please photo contest, and it was a major success. Whether a simple, yet stunning landscape, a representation of the sheer size and scale of trees or a close look at trees’ powerful details, the photos each conveyed a different story. With so many gorgeous shots to choose from, it was a difficult decision. But, we are thrilled to highlight our 2015 Tree Please winning photographs!

Grand Prize Winner: “Checking out the Redwood Forest”

Checking Out the Redwood Forest

Photographer: Yinghai Lu (CA); Location: Bull Creek Flat in Humboldt Redwoods State Park, Calif.

Honorable Mention: “Independence I”

Independence I

Photographer: Jason Liske (CA); Location: Sierra Nevada, Calif.

Honorable Mention: “Prairie Creek”

Prairie Creek

Photographer: Mario Vaden (OR); Location: Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park, near Orick, Calif.

Honorable Mention: “Horse Chesnut at Dawn”

Horse Chesnut at Dawn

Photographer: Diana Fraser (MD); Location: Family farm in Maryland

People’s Choice Winner: “Tree Love in Vermont”

Tree Love in Vermont

Photographer: Madeline Ligenza (VT); Location: Mt. Philo, Vt.