Each year, millions of Americans grab their cameras and head out to enjoy nature. Our staff is no different. In conjunction with our 2022 Forests in Focus Photo Contest, we hosted an internal competition to give staff members a chance to show off their photography skills. These are the beautiful winners based on voting by our staff.

Lake McDonald

1ST PLACE: “Evening on Lake McDonald”
PHOTOGRAPHER: Rebecca Long, senior manager of digital strategy
PHOTOGRAPHER’S PERSPECTIVE: “I’m fortunate to have a brother who is a National Park Service Police officer who has worked at a few gorgeous national parks across the country. He spent three summers at Glacier National Park, and I was able to visit him and get a behind-the-scenes tour. He took me on a variety of trails, both heavily travelled and backcountry, but a car pull-off along Going-to-the-Sun Road at Lake McDonald produced my favorite photo of the trip.”

Capilano Salmon Hatchery

2ND PLACE: “Foggy Morning at the Capilano River Hatchery”
PHOTOGRAPHER: Lindsey Putz, senior director of corporate partnerships
PHOTOGRAPHER’S PERSPECTIVE: “I love to extend business trips to explore the area and was very excited to get out of the city and into the natural wonders surrounding Vancouver. I was initially disappointed it was a stereotypical overcast, misting Pacific Northwest day, but that quickly turned into awe as I hiked along the Capilano Pacific Trail. The fog hung heavy on the trees, creating a beautiful mystery to the forest. It’s a hike I dream about still four years later.”

Mt. Rainier

3RD PLACE: “Blue Lakes under Mt. Rainier”
PHOTOGRAPHER: Geri Rosenberg, senior manager of geospatial development and analysis
PHOTOGRAPHER’S PERSPECTIVE: “I took this photo in July of 2021 near Chinook Pass in Washington. I thru-hiked the Pacific Crest Trail southbound. I had been hiking around beautiful clear views of Mt. Rainier for days when I saw this intensely blue lake near Chinook Pass and took this photo 20 miles into my day.”