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American Forests’ Statement on School Climate Strike

American Forests’ Statement on School Climate Strike 

Brave Youth Hold Worldwide School Strike to Call for Climate Action 

Across the world today, March 15, school students are rallying together to strike for climate change action. Starting with 150,000 strikers reported in Australia, these events are rippling across time zones and slated to begin in the U.S. at Noon Eastern Standard Time. In response, American Forests’ President and CEO Jad Daley issued this statement: 

Throughout American history, young people have often played a critical role in calling our nation’s attention to injustices and environmental hazards. Our longstanding inaction on climate change is both—an injustice to future generations, and the greatest environmental hazard that human beings have ever created.” 

“It is truly remarkable to hear the stories of school students birthing this climate strike movement. From reaching out on social media to recruit allies across America to logistics like securing permits for events, youth leaders are performing, and even outperforming, paid professionals in how they have organized this movement. Their skill, tenacity, and bravery should be appreciated by every American.” 

“But these young leaders are not asking for credit, they are asking adult leaders to act on climate change like our future depends on it–because it does. Young people will bear the worst of future climate change, and we absolutely must step up to this challenge with the urgency of these climate strikers. American Forests will attend today’s Climate Strike in Washington, D.C. at the U.S. Capitol to stand with these youth leaders, and we are committed to do our part to deliver the real action on climate change that these students are demanding.” 


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