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Action Alert: Thank Your Member of Congress

It is not every day that there is a win for forests in Congress. There recently were two big wins for forests — in one day.

America’s national forests got a much-needed boost when the House of Representatives voted on July 1st to double the size of the Reforestation Trust Fund. If the Senate agrees to do the same, every year the U.S. Forest Service will have $60 million to plant (or do what it takes to naturally regenerate) 80 million trees in our national forests. And they will finally be able to address the backlog of 2.3 billion trees needing to be planted.

The same day, House members voted to create a program that will help homeowners across the country — particularly those in under-resourced communities — plant thousands of trees to help reduce their energy costs. They will be eligible for free or reduced-price residential shade trees, provided by their local energy company.

To keep the great momentum for forests going, can you take a minute to thank your Congressional leader for supporting these wins?

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